28 February 2008

My contribution to tonight's club

I can't make Record Club tonight, so I leave you with this. Listen to the songs "Arms and Elbows" or "Rushing Red" here.

Sorry but I have to write this cover.

25 February 2008


The Mayyors are a Sac group. I posted on them today, so go read. Their album comes out this month.

20 February 2008

Kiss me, Kate

RC favorite Kate Nash is coming to America! The closest the British songstress will get to Sac is the Fillmore in San Francisco. Well, if she can make it across the pond (that's the Atlantic Ocean), I think I can make it across the Bay Bridge. Anyone interested in joining me? The show is May 13th.

Forget what she sounds like? Revist November's mix and listen to "Foundations."

13 February 2008

February's RC Meeting

The results are in and this month's theme will be "Songs You Want Played At Your Funeral." The meeting will be held at 7pm on Thursday, February 28th at my house. Bring your two songs, some literature about your selections and a food/beverage to share with the gang. Leave a comment letting me know if you'll be able to make it! Can't wait to see you all!

12 February 2008

Super Tuesday Theme Song?

The following is a Public Service Announcement from 3hive and Hearts of Palm UK.

Hearts of Palm UK offers a timely song this week about citizens and their right to vote, "Super Tuesday," the (un)official anthem of (obviously) Super Tuesday, the day 24 states in our blessed union hold presidential primaries. Hearts of Palm UK are not British or Northern Irish, as the name would suggest; Erika and Ambi-D are a couple of Cali girls cranking out this peculiar indie-electro-pop. I secretly hope that they follow this up with a song discussing, dissecting, and explaining the results of Super Tuesday. Maybe they can even get invited to appear on Meet the Press. Anybody got Tim Russert's email address?

Super Tuesday [MP3, 3.9MB, 160kbps]

07 February 2008

Second Saturday Show

If you find yourself out and about this Second Saturday, swing by the SN&R and check out the art of yours truly, Jennifer Schellack, Marianne Mancina and Ajay Reed. The art will be on display through March 7th, but this Saturday (from 6-10pm) you can enjoy free treats!