18 November 2009

Hot Chip at the Fox

Anyone interested in going to see Hot Chip at the Fox in Oaktown on Friday, April 16th? Tickets go on "pre-sale" - whatever that means - this Thursday at 10am. They'll be $29.50.

04 November 2009

Bows & Sparrows Blog

So, I have another blog called Bows & Sparrows, it's all about art, design and pretty things that inspire me. Check it out - you know, if you like. No pressure.

27 October 2009

Tegan and Sara at the Orpheum

This past weekend I flew down to L.A. to catch Tegan & Sara at the Orpheum. The show was amazing - hands down one of the best performances I've seen in a long time. The energetic set included all the tracks off the duo's new album, Sainthood, as well as some older stuff. In between songs, the twins joked around with each other and the audience. I enjoyed the show so much that when I got home, I bought tix to the Oakland show in March. If you've never seen these guys, I highly recommend you do. Brilliant.

20 August 2009

August RC Meeting

It seems that many of the articles/new stories I've read lately have opened with the phrase "given the current economic situation." What comes next is usually tips for surviving said situation or tales of woe from someone who is not surviving it. Point is, this seems like a good time to create a mix that consists of upbeat/hopeful tunes. So, that's our theme for August's RC meeting. Hope to see all you RC-ers at my house next Thursday (August 27th) at 7pm.

Better Late Than Never

I never did get around to posting a review about the Jarvis Cocker show...still not gonna write much, but here are some photos of the World's Sexiest Man.

28 July 2009

Oh, I Want to Take You Home

My obsession with Jarvis Cocker started in the mid-'90s, around the same time that we used to drive into SF to go to Popscene at 330 Ritch Street. When I moved to London to study for a semester my obsession grew, and I was devastated that Pulp didn't have any shows while I was there. I had the above poster hanging on my wall for years. Well, tonight is the night I finally see this beautiful man in person. Yup, I'm off to see him at the Fillmore tonight. I can hardly contain myself. Concert review TK.

14 May 2009

RC :: May 2009

Here is the cover art for the May 2009 RC mix. Thanks to all who participated.

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest newsletter (yes, I subscribe and I’m not afraid to admit it) features dance-party playlists by famous deejays and music-industry folk. Included in that list are DJ AM, Guy Oseary, Phil Harvey (of Coldplay), Samantha Ronson and Gwyneth herself. Here are two of those playlists:

Samantha’s Picks:
1. “Another Star” – Stevie Wonder
2. “Stomp!” – The Brothers Johnson
3. “Into the Groove” – Madonna
4. “Can You Feel It” – The Jacksons
5. “Big Pimpin’” – Jay-Z
6. “Groove Me” – King Floyd
7. “Toxic” – Mark Ronson feat. ODB
8. “Electric Feel (Justice Remix)” – MGMT
9. “Music Sounds Better with You” – Stardust
10. “The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)” – The Bucketheads

Gwyneth's Picks:
1. "You Only Live Once" – The Strokes
2. "Time to Pretend" – MGMT
3. "Let's Go Crazy" – Prince & The Revolution
4. "Paper Planes (DFA Remix)" – M.I.A.
5. "Someone Great" – LCD Soundsystem
6. "Strawberry Swing" – Coldplay
7. "Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)" – The Killers
8. "Keep The Car Running" – Arcade Fire
9. "Single Ladies" – Beyonce
10. "Wrong Prayer" – Jaydiohead (Jay-Z & Radiohead)

11 May 2009

Anchor Man

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, has cemented his place in my heart. Not only is he attractive, smart and funny -- he also has good taste in music (his iPod includes artists like Interpol, Cat Power and Feist). Now Williams has launched a web-only music interview series called BriTunes. The first segment features an interview with the Brooklyn-based, alt-country act Deer Tick.

The Artist Formerly Known As Santogold

It’s old news by now that Santogold has changed her name to Santigold, and while Santi White (Santigold) isn’t doing much talking, there’s been mention of a lawsuit. According to various blogs, lawyers for a 1980s infomercial dude named Santo “Santo Gold” Rigatuso filed a lawsuit claiming name infringement. In actuality, the artist formerly known as Santogold is probably the best thing that could have happened to Rigatuso, who most people have probably never heard of or had completely forgotten existed in the first place. At any rate, Santigold will be performing at the Empire Events Center on Friday, May 22nd. Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 day-of-show. Check out Santigold's MySpace page here.

Making a Splash

Canada’s Great Lake Swimmers specialize in alt-country tracks that hearken the sounds of Americana acts like the Pernice Brothers, Scud Mountain Boys (which features Joe Pernice) and Iron & Wine. The group released its fourth album, Lost Channels, back in March. Frontman Tony Dekker and gang are currently on tour in Europe, with a few shows in Canada and one stop in New York. For a sampling of tunes, check out the group's MySpace page.

08 May 2009

I'm the O.G. Playlister!

Thanks to Nick Miller of the Sacramento News & Review for publishing my playlist. Here's a link to my playlist and those of some other notable Sacto peeps.

07 May 2009

Out of this World

My new favorite band is The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, a Danish band that has been featured in an iPod commercial (the track was called "Around The Bend") and opened for Amy Winehouse on a leg of her European tour. The band is poppy with a funky flare and I love, love, love it!

Listen to "The Sun Ain't Shining No More" and "Lady Jesus" from the album Fruit.

06 May 2009

RC Rescheduled

Due to el presidente contracting a temporary case of Avian Swine Flu, the next RC meeting will now be Monday, May 11th at 7pm. See you then.

03 May 2009

A New Mix

Tomorrow marks the start of another work week (ugh), here's a mix to help keep you pepped up.

1. “Until We Bleed” / Kleerup (featuring Lykke Li) / Kleerup
2. “Caravan Girl” / Goldfrapp / Seventh Tree
3. “I Get Around” / Dragonette / I Get Around EP
4. “Can I Get Get Get” / Junior Senior / Hey Hey My My Yo Yo
5. “Drugs In My Body” / Thieves Like Us / Play Music
6. “Those Dancing Days” / Those Dancing Days / EP
7. “Meddle” / Little Boots / Arecibo EP
8. “Hurricane Jane” / The Black Kids / Partie Traumatic
9. “The Boys Are Too Refined” / The Hush Sound / Goodbye Blues
10. “Lemmings Anthem” / The Oohlas / Chinchilla
11. “Ensemble” / Coeur de Pirate / Coeur de Pirate

What's All the Hype About?

According to the Hype Machine, a web site that follows music blog discussions, the most blogged about artists are:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs » Bat For Lashes » Phoenix » Papercuts » Metric » La Roux » Peaches » Silversun Pickups » Bombay Bicycle Club » Daft Punk » Britney Spears » Cagedbaby » Circlesquare » Little Boots » Deer Tick » Dirty Projectors » Fever Ray » Kanye West » Lykke Li » Bjork.

Apparently, this list gets updated every 30 minutes. At any rate, it's a good way to discover new music.

01 May 2009

Zooey Gibbard?

According to Us Magazine (not to be confused with U.S. Magazine, heehee!), Zooey Deschanel is engaged to Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie. Man, first Ryan Adams goes and gets hitched to Mandy Moore and now this! And now a quote from the Us Magazine web site:
"Deschanel and Gibbard, 32, are 'so thrilled,' the source tells Us. 'Zooey was swept off her feet, and Ben is so excited.'"

Horses of a Feather Flock Together

I'm not sure if I've blogged about Horse Feathers before, but I am really loving their latest album, House With No Home, which was released back in September of '08. The Portland-based band has a distinct Americana sound, described by many critics as minimalist. The album provides the perfect soundtrack to a warm summer evening spent watching the sun dip below the horizon.

30 April 2009

Swashbuckling Songstress

Coeur De Pirate (a.k.a. Béatrice Martin) is a 19-year-old ubercute singer-songwriter from Montreal. Her self-titled debut album was released back in September 2008, but I only just now stumbled upon it. Before going solo, Martin lent her keyboard skills to another Quebec act, Bonjour Brumaire. Check out her video for "Comme des enfants." I have no idea what she is saying (as she sings in French), but the video is adorable.

26 April 2009

No Nose Wrinkling Allowed!

Here's the mix list provided by my other Twitter friend, Laura. You can check out here blog here. I've been informed that no nose wrinkling is allowed. Can't wait to check out these songs.

Song / Artist / Album

Bad Things / Jace Everett/ Theme from “True Blood”

Zombie / The Cranberries / The Cranberries: Stars - The Best of 1992-2002 Alternative

Summertime / Brother Love / Album of the Year

I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You / Colin Hay / Garden State (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

I Don't Care / Fall Out Boy / I Don't Care - Single

Free Loop / Daniel Powter / Daniel Powter

Whole Again / Granian / Hang Around

Lost My Way / Matthew Ebel / Goodbye Planet Earth

Home / Marc Broussard / Carencro

Big Ups / Ms. Triniti / Ragga Hop

A Light in the Dark

Dark Was The Night, is a double-disc compilation featuring 31 exclusive tracks by the who's who of the indie world. Bon Iver, Yeasayer, Feist, Iron & Wine, Spoon, the Arcade Fire, Cat Power, Andrew Bird, Blonde Redhead, My Morning Jacket and more have lent their talents to the project. Proceeds from the compilation will benefit the Red Hot Organization, an international charity that raises money and awareness for HIV and AIDS research. Learn more about the organization by visiting its web site.

25 April 2009

The "Cure For What Ails You" Playlist

My new friend, Miranda, posted this mix on her blog and I thought I would share it with RC. There's some stuff on it that I'd never heard before and that I'm really enjoying. Here's her post:

This list of some of my favorite songs and artists is dedicated to Laura & Erin! I hope you enjoy the diversity, girls. They're not as underground as your selections, Erin, but I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

These selections are in no particular order, but I will add that the song by Muse is my all-time favorite song.

1. "Me and the Skirts"/ The Features/ Exhibit A
2. "I Like You Better When You're Naked"/ Ida Maria/ Fortress 'Round My Heart
3. "The Pumpkin Song"/ Kate Nash/ Made of Bricks
4. "Electric Feel"/ MGMT/ Oracular Spectacular
5. "Black Wedding"/ Meg & Dia/ Here, Here & Here
6. "One Day"/ The Juan MacLean/ The Future Will Come...
7. "Henrietta"/ The Fratellis/ Costello Music
8. "Hang Me Up to Dry"/ Cold War Kids/ Robbers & Cowards
9. "I Know What I Am"/ Band of Skulls/ Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
10. "Time is Running Out"/ Muse/ Absolution
11. "Intervention"/ The Arcade Fire/ Neon Bible
12. "No Rest For the Wicked"/ Cage the Elephant/ Cage the Elephant

24 April 2009

Erin's Fresh Mix

Ok, so here's my mix suggestion for Miranda & Laura. Ladies, I have no idea what you like...so hopefully we're on the same page. I look forward to your suggestions!

Song / Artist / Album

1. “Jigsaw” / Mates of State / Re-Arrange Us
2. “I Know I Know I Know” / Tegan & Sara / So Jealous
3. “Gronlandic Edit” / Of Montreal / Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
4. “Tonight” / Lykke Li / Unknown (sorry!)
5. “I’d Rather Dance with You” / Kings of Convenience / Riot on an Empty Street
6. “Silver Lining” / Rilo Kiley / Under the Blacklight
7. “Standing on the Shore” / Empire of the Sun / Walking on a Dream
8. “1901” / Phoenix / Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
9. “L.A. Noir” / Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head / Glistening Pleasure
10.“Make It Happen” / The Teenagers / Reality Check

(art compliments of my coworker, Jason)

RC Meeting!

RC is back. Say it with me, "It's about time!" Looks like Monday evenings work for most of us, so the next RC meeting will be at my house Monday, May 4th at 7pm. As for the theme, I'm open to suggestions. That said, I was thinking it might be fun for us to bring songs by people/bands we've seen live. Could be a recent show or maybe your first concert (mine was Billy Idol and Faith No More). Just an idea. Again, I'm open to other ideas. Thoughts?


I stumbled across this old photo from Record Club back in January of 2006. You have no idea how happy it makes me that five of us are still doing this!

Pictured (left to right): Me, Vero, Rosemary, Darcey, Tanya, Jeff & Nick.

Get Your Mix Fix

I recently befriended two fellow Twitter gals who share a passion for music. We're now going to start sharing mixes with each other, hopefully introducing each other to previously unknown bands and rekindling our love of bands we may have forgotten about. I'll be posting my mixes (in the form of lists) on this here blog. Hope you RC kids are cool with that!

Hi, Miranda & Laura. Welcome to Record Club!

20 April 2009

The Fox Theatre, Part 2

The Fox Theatre - Band of Horses

This past weekend, Rosemary and I took a trip to Oakland's Fox Theatre to catch a performance by Band of Horses. While the band was fabulous (as expected), I was more impressed with the venue itself. After closing down more than 40 years ago, the venue finally reopened in February of this year. The exterior features a magnificent neon marquee and Middle Eastern architecture. The Middle Eastern theme continues inside with gilded walls, lavish fabrics and vibrant tile and paint works. Two 10-foot tall god-like statues reside on either side of the stage, glowing eyes beaconing concertgoers. Quite impressive.

The theater will serve as the flagship live music venue for Another Planet Entertainment, which has booked numerous shows for the Greek Theatre, the Independent, Paramount Theatre and other Bay Area venues. Expect great shows! Fleet Foxes, The Shins, M. Ward, Animal Collective and Of Montreal are all slated to play upcoming shows.

08 April 2009

SN&R Pulls My Piece

So, I just found out that SN&R pulled my small preview piece on the upcoming Jenny Lewis show. Why? Apparently, the feature was supposed to be on someone else, and the author surprised Nick with a piece on Lewis. Here's a quote from Nick Miller:

"yeah well the dude writing the feature that week surprisingly turned in a feature on jenny instead of garrett pierce."

What a fucktard! Who does that? Don't editors like to know what their writers are turning in? Well, here's what was suposed to run:

You know that little red-haired girl who was the object of Charlie
Brown's unrequited love? Well, she's got nothing on indie darling
Jenny Lewis, who has garnered the attention of boys and girls
everywhere. Her sweet, country-tinged voice has lent vocal tones to
albums by the Postal Service, Dntel, Bright Eyes and her own band,
Rilo Kiley. Lewis, who is currently on "the road to Coachella," will
make a pit stop in Sacramento on Wednesday, April 15th. Expect her to
drop tracks from her sophomore solo album, Acid Tongue. And kids, try
not to drool.

Metric in Denver, CO

So, Darcey and I just booked a trip to Denver, CO; where we'll be catching Metric perform at the Ogden Theatre. I'm pretty excited to visit the Mile-High City, and am hoping Rosemary & Erin will join us for the trip.

30 March 2009

You Can't Escape My...Private Eyes

This past Saturday I caught Erik Hanson (of the Stragglers) at Luna's Cafe. Erik played a couple solo songs and also got some help from his little sis, Jeannie Howell, and former Cassidys bandmate Joe Carlson. Let me just say that when Erik and Jeannie sing together their voices melt like butter - it's smooth and beautiful. The set included a few new, Carl Sagan-inspired songs as well as covers of "Girlfriend in a Coma" and "Private Eyes" -- despite the handwritten sign reading "no covers" hanging near the stage.

I wasn't really into the second act (a folk singer from Ithaca, NY)...so I spent most of the remainder of the show chatting it up outside with Erin & Jeannie. I did catch the last song of Ruebi Freyja's set, a wonderful cover of "Shake Sugaree."

24 March 2009

Live Acoustic Überbørg Mindmeld and Say-tanic Hippie Cult Initiation

Jackson Griffith invited me to attend "Live Acoustic Überbørg Mindmeld and Say-tanic Hippie Cult Initiation" (his title, not mine) tonight featuring performances by Josh Chesney, Rich Varone and Mr. Griffith himself. I can't make it because I have yoga, but if anyone else is interested here are the details:

Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Time: 8-10pm
Location: Luna's Cafe & Juice Bar
Street: 1414 16th Street

Three local singer-songwriters play original songs in an intimate cafe atmosphere on a Tuesday night. One of them will have accompaniment, including bass clarinet.

Record Club Meeting

It's been a while since we last met, and rather than me picking a date and hoping most people can attend I say we hash it out in the comments section of this post. Who's ready to meet?!! Speak to me, peeps.

It's okay to Fantasize.

Metric will release it's latest album Fantasies in April, but if you're anything like me and crave instant gratification you can pre-order a digital version on 3/31/09. I've only heard a few leaked tracks, including "Help I'm Alive" and a cover of Pink Floyd's "Nobody Home," but if the preview is any indication, the album will up there with previous releases. Of course, I'm a sucker for frontwoman Emily Haines' voice. I'd love to see them live, but the only shows they have currently booked are in Europe! I guess I'll just have to fantasize about it.

It's Halloween!

Remember when Halloween used to be in October? Fuck that! This past weekend, Guphy graciously hosted the annual Halloween show in the attic of her Oak Park home. The show featured covers by Huey Lewis and the News, the Velvet Underground, the Violent Femmes, the Rolling Stones, Billy Idol and more. Members of !!!, Touché, the Bright Ideas, Knock Knock and more dressed up as their favorite musicians (or at least musicians who have released some of the most influential albums) and gave it their all! Allen Maxwell as Billy Idol, and later that evening as Bono, was a crowd favorite.

In the photo (by Rosemary): James Williams (as Steve Stevens) and Allen Maxwell(as Billy Idol).

22 February 2009

Soundtrack Playlist :: Feb. 2006

Here's the soundtrack playlist from February 2006. See you all on Monday!

Song / Artist / Movie / RC Member

1. Head Over Heals / Tears for Fears / Donnie Darko / Nick

2. Signed, Sealed, Delivered / Stevie Wonder/ You've Got Mail / Dre

3. One / Aimee Mann / Magnolia / Erin

4. I've Seen It All / Bjork / Dancer in the Dark / Nick

5. The Sound of Silence / Simon & Garfunkel / The Graduate / Rosemary

6. Concrete and Clay / Unit 4 + 2 / Rushmore / Jeff

7. Jackson / Juaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon / Walk the Line / Darcey

8. It Ain't Me, Babe / Juaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon / Walk the Line / Darcey

9. Just Like Heaven; More Than This / The Jesus & Mary Chain & Bill Murray / Lost in Translation / Veronica

10. The Only Living Boy / Simon & Garfunkel / Garden State / Tanya

11. Epitaph for My Heart / The Magnetic Fields / Pieces of April / Rosemary

12. Kissing You / Desiree / Romeo + Juliet / Jeff

13. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) / Stevie Wonder/ High Fidelity / Veronica

14. Anything / SWL / Above the Rim / Dre

15. Lose Yourself (In the Music) / Eminem / 8 Mile / Erin

17 February 2009

Oscar Has a Tin Ear

This month's RC meeting will be at 7pm on Monday, Feb. 23rd (same location). This month's theme? Well, in honor of the Oscars, let's make it music from movies. I know we've had a similar theme in the past, so I will post the previous track list so as to avoid any repeat offenders. Let me know if you can make it.

Celebrity Spotting

RM and I had a blast at the Lykke Li show. That woman is so adorable and such an energetic performer. I think we were both impressed with the show. Anyway, in the audience was a minor celebrity...one Chris Lowell (see photo) from Private Practice. RM doesn't watch the show, so I made her stare at him until she committed his face to her memory. After making Lowell sufficiently uncomfortable, she had burned his image into her mind. That's all I have to say about that.

13 February 2009

I like-y Lykke Li!

I've been listening to Lykke Li for most of the morning. I'm starting to get excited about this weekend's show at the Filmore. Looks like RM and I will be staying in Oaktown after the show, which rocks because I hate driving home after a Bay Area concert. Somewhere around Fairfield I always start to imagine things -- like creepy figures in the back of white vans. I'm sure some of you can relate. Anyway, it's just not right.

06 February 2009

Take Flight!

Flight of the Conchords, "New Zealand's fourth most popular digi-folk paradists," will play the Berkeley Community Theatre on May 25th. Tickets went on sale today. I've never seen their show, but I know the kids go crazy for them!

It's Not Me, It's You

On Saturday, April 4th Lily Allen crosses the pond to play a show in SF at The Warfield. Allen is touring in support of her latest album; It's Not Me, It's You. Several of us saw Allen when she played at the Crest a couple of years ago and she was amazing. I'd like to see her again, but I'm already planning an April trip to the East Bay to see Band of Horses. That said, if someone were to twist my arm I would go. Anyone care to twist?

Tickets go on sale this Saturday -- no idea how much they cost.

29 January 2009

January '09 RC

Thanks to everyone who made it last night. It's hard to believe that we've been doing this for four years! I will try and get the latest disc out soon. In the mean time, I suggest you check out these bands:

Angus and Julia Stone (pictured)
Au Revoir Simone
Empire of the Sun

Upcoming Shows of Note

Here are some upcoming shows of note. Hope to see some of you at them!

Sun, Feb 01
Matt & Kim
Luigi's Fun Garden

Sun, Feb 15
Lykke Li
with Wildbirds & Peacedrums
The Fillmore

Tue, Feb 24
A.C. Newman (of the New Pornographers)
Harlow's Night Club

Wed, Apr 15
The Ting Tings
The Fillmore

Fri, Apr 17
Band of Horses
Fox Theater (Oakland)

Mon, April 27
Death Cab For Cutie / Cold War Kids / Ra Ra Riot
Memorial Auditorium