25 April 2009

The "Cure For What Ails You" Playlist

My new friend, Miranda, posted this mix on her blog and I thought I would share it with RC. There's some stuff on it that I'd never heard before and that I'm really enjoying. Here's her post:

This list of some of my favorite songs and artists is dedicated to Laura & Erin! I hope you enjoy the diversity, girls. They're not as underground as your selections, Erin, but I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

These selections are in no particular order, but I will add that the song by Muse is my all-time favorite song.

1. "Me and the Skirts"/ The Features/ Exhibit A
2. "I Like You Better When You're Naked"/ Ida Maria/ Fortress 'Round My Heart
3. "The Pumpkin Song"/ Kate Nash/ Made of Bricks
4. "Electric Feel"/ MGMT/ Oracular Spectacular
5. "Black Wedding"/ Meg & Dia/ Here, Here & Here
6. "One Day"/ The Juan MacLean/ The Future Will Come...
7. "Henrietta"/ The Fratellis/ Costello Music
8. "Hang Me Up to Dry"/ Cold War Kids/ Robbers & Cowards
9. "I Know What I Am"/ Band of Skulls/ Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
10. "Time is Running Out"/ Muse/ Absolution
11. "Intervention"/ The Arcade Fire/ Neon Bible
12. "No Rest For the Wicked"/ Cage the Elephant/ Cage the Elephant

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