08 April 2009

SN&R Pulls My Piece

So, I just found out that SN&R pulled my small preview piece on the upcoming Jenny Lewis show. Why? Apparently, the feature was supposed to be on someone else, and the author surprised Nick with a piece on Lewis. Here's a quote from Nick Miller:

"yeah well the dude writing the feature that week surprisingly turned in a feature on jenny instead of garrett pierce."

What a fucktard! Who does that? Don't editors like to know what their writers are turning in? Well, here's what was suposed to run:

You know that little red-haired girl who was the object of Charlie
Brown's unrequited love? Well, she's got nothing on indie darling
Jenny Lewis, who has garnered the attention of boys and girls
everywhere. Her sweet, country-tinged voice has lent vocal tones to
albums by the Postal Service, Dntel, Bright Eyes and her own band,
Rilo Kiley. Lewis, who is currently on "the road to Coachella," will
make a pit stop in Sacramento on Wednesday, April 15th. Expect her to
drop tracks from her sophomore solo album, Acid Tongue. And kids, try
not to drool.

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