17 April 2008

Saddle up, RC members

On May 3rd (at 10:30pm) Band of Horses bassist Tyler Ramsey will perform at Sophia's Thai Kitchen in Davis. What? Sophia's Thai Kitchen! Bizarre, I know, but I'm going! Ramsey is on tour supporting his debut solo effort A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea. It's the kind of acoustic Americana that makes you want to sit on the your porch drinking PBR until the sun turns the sky into a brilliant sea of orange and red.

Go forth and listen, you won't be disappointed.


The Soundtrack of My Life :: April RC

Alright, kids! The polls are officially closed and the results are in! This month's RC meeting will be at my house on...drum roll, please...Wednesday, April 23rd!!! The theme will be "On the Soundtrack of My Life." Since this is your life's soundtrack, you'd better be prepared to explain why these songs are making the cut. Can you describe the movie scenes during which the songs would be playing? Good. We want to hear about it. Visual aids (CD sleeves, song lyrics, band photos) are always appreciated.

Give a holla and let me know if you can make it (or not). Can't wait to see you all!

Record Club Members go get your FREE records!

This Saturday (April 19), independent record stores across our fair country will celebrate Record Store Day. Merge Records has announced that it will participate in the one-day event by handing out limited edition split seven-inch records with previously unreleased tracks by Destroyer and Wye Oak.

The only way to get your paws on one of these coveted babies is to stop by a participating record store - hopefully they'll still have one for you!

According to the Merge site, local businesses like Dimple Records, Hot Dog Music and R5 Records should have the seven-inch record.

Visit www.recordstoreday.com for more details!

04 April 2008

Spring Mix…not just for salad anymore.

To me, the best part about spring is driving around with all the windows rolled down blasting some sweet jams for the world to be inspired by. This mix was made with precisely that activity in mind, and all of these songs are definitely best enjoyed in good weather at excessive volumes, with excessive speeding optional, but recommended.

Cover sleeve
can be had here.

RC March '08 :: Spring Is In The Air Mix!