31 January 2008

New To You & Me.

Hey kids-
Here's the January RC Mix - New to You & Me.
You can also download the album cover here if you didn't see it in the earlier post.

30 January 2008

Up to Bat

Bat For Lashes
' Fur and Gold has been my go-to album during these cold, wet days.
Natasha Khan's haunting vocals draw to mind the likes of Bjork, PJ Harvey and Cat Power -- which could never be a bad thing.

Get a taste of "Prescilla," visit her Web site.

Pop and Circumstance

San Francisco's Noise Pop Festival, a nearly week-long celebration of indie rock, electronica and punk music, returns this February 26 to March 2. In addition to celebrating independent music, the festival features art shows, film screenings, panel discussions and indie-designer trunk sales. This year's lineup features RC favorites like British Sea Power; the Magnetic Fields; the Walkmen; and my new favorite duo She & Him, which features M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel (hubba hubba).

Listen to She & Him's "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?"

Find out more about Noise Pop XVI.

29 January 2008

January RC Cover :: New To Me & You

Download the PDF HERE


Hailing from the heart of the good ole US of A (Oklahoma), Evangelicals make music that you probably would not consider “heartland music”. The trio is that got their fair share of Flaming Lips comparisons after the release of their last album, So Gone back in 2006 has jumped labels, from Misra to Dead Oceans, and if this new song is any indication, may be jumping influences as well.

Pitchfork has already slapped a U2 tag onto them based on this tune, “Skeleton Man”, and while I can see that, if this is a U2 anthem of any sort, it would be one where Bono and the boys are on some serious drugs. The crazy background haunting of this tune comes daringly close to dominating the song, until, suddenly, the guitars take over and the mess appears to be cleaned up. The new album, The Evening Descends, came out January 22nd on Dead Oceans.

Evangelicals - Skeleton Man [MP3, 128mbp, 4.3mb]

Please listen to the entire record, streaming at MySpace -- though if you're picking and choosing, go "Midnight Vignette," "Paperback Suicide," and "Party Crashin'" to start. Love. It.

Oh, Jimmy

In November, VAB brought M.I.A.'s song "Jimmy," which is really a hyped-up version of "Disco Dancer" by Jimmy Adja. Here's the original video:


Everyone should come to Shaun's last hooraaaaaw at Old Ironsides tonight. Seriously, it will be lots of fun! Erin, Veronica & me, a party within itself...

We are going at like 9:30pm, it will fill up fast. We all know how Sac P.D. like to hassle the weak party go-er, so get there early, leave late!


Party Girl.

Ryan Adams in Berkeley, 01.28.08

Last night I went to see Ryan Adams and the Cardinals at the Berkeley campus. I'm one of those people that probably talks about him too much and says how great and versatile he is all the time, and what a genius he is, while the person listening yawns patiently. Last night, he proved me so right.

Every recording I've ever heard of him does the man absolutely no justice. His voice, when heard live, is an amazing thing. It's weird to be surprised by what you hear when he first starts singing. The volume and richness of his voice is unbelievable. He went from folksy to rockabilly to flat-out experimental in no time at all.

My favorite songs last night? "Wonderwall" cover and "Goodnight Rose," where he dragged every last drop of aching in his body and poured it all over this song. Fucking incredible.

Annoying side note: He's totally insane and self-indulgent. As someone with little patience for guitar solos and encores, I felt tortured by how drawn out some songs were and by the constant stream-of-consciousness he voiced on stage for several minutes at a time, not to mention long bouts of complete silence. He's absolutely hysterical with his rants, but it was a bit too self-absorbed for my liking. (That said, the man can do whatever he wants and I will still pay large amounts of money to witness it.)

Here are some crappy photos I took with my phone:

28 January 2008

The High Water Marks

Hilarie Sidney, drummer for The Apples in Stereo and Per Ole Bratset of the band Palermo met during an Apples in Stereo performance in Oslo, Norway. The two became friends and began recording songs together through email before deciding to record together for a week. During this time, the band's debut album Songs About the Ocean was recorded with Sidney and Bratset performing all of the instruments themselves. After the release of the album, the duo recruited Jim Lindsay (former Oranger member and Preston School of Industry contributor) and Mike Snowden (known for his work in Von Hemmling) to play drums and bass, respectively. With the new four member lineup, The High Water Marks recorded the album Polar, which was released September 2007.

The Leaves [MP3, 3.8MB, VBR]
Good I Feel Bad [MP3, 2.4MB, 128kbps]
Queen of Verlaine [MP3, 3.1MB, 128kbps]




Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden

By the time I've published a post I've probably listened to the song(s) I'm reviewing around twenty times. But it only takes about twenty seconds to decide whether or not I like the song enough to post it. You'd hear no complaints from me if this was the last voice I ever heard. Tucker herself journeyed from her home in Ohio across the country to Seattle and settled in with a couple Swedes and a young man obsessed with the Cocteau Twins. Tucker's folk-influenced picking patterns (I stole that one straight outta the bio) sumptuously melt with her band's ethereal programming and reverberating guitars. The result of their meeting should be ringing brightly in your ears now.

Faster Than Cars [MP3, 3.4MB, 128kbps]

Everything Went Down [MP3, 4.2MB, 128kbps]



Left of Center

You may not have Sirius Satellite Radio, but at least you have their Web site: sirius.com/leftofcenter

This is my favorite station, and where I recently found this little nugget:
CANSEI DE SER SEXY - Music is My Hot Hot Sex

What's all the Hoo Ha about?

Brit-pop pioneers Supergrass will release their latest effort Diamond Hoo Ha (on Astralwerks) on April 15th.
I remember back in high school REM and I would drive down to 330 Rich Street for Popscene, where we would dance to tracks like "Strange Ones." Ahh, good times.

The band's press release asks, "What other British band is still able, with seemingly effortless ease to conjure up songs and videos that crackle with breezy enthusiasm, humor and inventiveness?" To be honest, I can think of a least a few. Pulp, anyone?

MGMT :: Bottom of the Hill

MGMT and Yeasayer are playing at the Bottom of the Hill tonight.
Wish I could be there!

26 January 2008

Portishead :: Set to release Third

As I mentioned the other night, Bristol-based outfit Portishead has plans to release their new album, Third, in mid-April. Much hasn't been leaked about the album, save for the fact that their are 11 tracks and it rings in at 49 minutes and 13 seconds.

Sign up on their mailing list and they promise that you'll hear some new stuff real soon.

I saw Portishead back in January 1998 when they played at the Warfield in San Fransisco and it was amazing. Unfortunately, it looks like the only show they're playing in the States is at Coachella. Too bad.

25 January 2008

The Little Ones :: They're coming to Sac

Los Angeles' The Little Ones are playing at Harlow's on March 25th - alongside Nada Surf. I highly recommend that you attend this show. Sing Song, which was released back in 2006, features one of my favorite dance tracks, "Lovers Who Uncover." The tour is in support of their latest album, Morning Tide, which drops this April. Go to this show!

Listen to "Lovers Who Uncover."

Find out more about The Little Ones at: www.wearethelittleones.com

Hot Chip :: April tour dates announced

UK electro-dance group Hot Chip will officially release their third album, Made In The Dark, on February 5, 2008 on Astralwerks /DFA Records -- I got my promotional copy in the mail today! The outfit is touring to support the album, but the closest they'll get to us is The Fillmore in San Francisco on April 24th.

Check them out at: www.hotchip.co.uk/site/

Listen to "Made In the Dark."

Songs I think you kids will like

Ok, I just discovered these two songs and think my fellow Record Club members will enjoy them. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to post MP3s yet, so you'll have to check out their MySpace pages or Google them. Here they are:

"That's Not My Name" by English indie pop outfit the Ting Tings
Find more at: www.myspace.com/thetingtings


"Disko Partizani" by Germany's DJ Shantel
Find more at: www.myspace.com/shantelbucovinacluborkestar

El Perro Del Mar set to release new album

I think it was DBS (or maybe VAB) who brought the Sweden-based El Perro Del Mar to Record Club a couple months ago - Anyway, the band made an impression on me and now they're set to release their new album, From The Valley To The Stars, on April 22, 2008.

According to the band's press release, "The album is a 16-track opus, chock-full of non-traditional folk songs that explore the world at large."


January's RC Meeting

Thanks to everyone for showing up to last night's meeting -- including our guest of honor, Leroy. Since we're going green, we should be able to post the songs and album cover in record time -- pun intended.
In the mean time, here's a list of what everyone brought:

1. "Streets of Paris"
by the Teenagers (from Reality Check)

2. "UR So Gay"
by Katy Perry (from UR So Gay)

3. "Hearts on Fire"
by Cut/Copy (from Ghost Colours)

4. "Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe"
by Okkervil River (from The Stage Names)

5. "Kids"
by MGMT (from Oracular Spectacular)

6. "California Girls"
by the Magnetic Fields (from Distortion)

7. "Too Drunk to Dream"
by the Magnetic Fields (from Distortion)

8. "Bells"
by Sic Alps (from Description of the Harbor)

9. " Message From the Law"
by Sic Alps (from Description of the Harbor)

10. "Penny for a Thought"
by Saul Williams (from Amethyst Rock Star)

11. "Death to Los Campesinos!"
by Los Campesinos! (from Death to Los Campesinos! 7")

12. "Into the Galaxy"
by Midnight Juggernauts (from Dystopia)

13. "Waving Flags"
by British Sea Power (from Do You Like Rock Music?)

14. "All In It"
by British Sea Power (from Do You Like Rock Music?)

15. "Ethiopian Song"

by Ataxia