28 January 2008

The High Water Marks

Hilarie Sidney, drummer for The Apples in Stereo and Per Ole Bratset of the band Palermo met during an Apples in Stereo performance in Oslo, Norway. The two became friends and began recording songs together through email before deciding to record together for a week. During this time, the band's debut album Songs About the Ocean was recorded with Sidney and Bratset performing all of the instruments themselves. After the release of the album, the duo recruited Jim Lindsay (former Oranger member and Preston School of Industry contributor) and Mike Snowden (known for his work in Von Hemmling) to play drums and bass, respectively. With the new four member lineup, The High Water Marks recorded the album Polar, which was released September 2007.

The Leaves [MP3, 3.8MB, VBR]
Good I Feel Bad [MP3, 2.4MB, 128kbps]
Queen of Verlaine [MP3, 3.1MB, 128kbps]




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