29 January 2008


Hailing from the heart of the good ole US of A (Oklahoma), Evangelicals make music that you probably would not consider “heartland music”. The trio is that got their fair share of Flaming Lips comparisons after the release of their last album, So Gone back in 2006 has jumped labels, from Misra to Dead Oceans, and if this new song is any indication, may be jumping influences as well.

Pitchfork has already slapped a U2 tag onto them based on this tune, “Skeleton Man”, and while I can see that, if this is a U2 anthem of any sort, it would be one where Bono and the boys are on some serious drugs. The crazy background haunting of this tune comes daringly close to dominating the song, until, suddenly, the guitars take over and the mess appears to be cleaned up. The new album, The Evening Descends, came out January 22nd on Dead Oceans.

Evangelicals - Skeleton Man [MP3, 128mbp, 4.3mb]

Please listen to the entire record, streaming at MySpace -- though if you're picking and choosing, go "Midnight Vignette," "Paperback Suicide," and "Party Crashin'" to start. Love. It.

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