08 June 2008

Morton Valence

I don't know much about this British band, but what I've heard (and seen) so far I really like. The band is also offering fans a chance to invest in their next album. It's really quite interesting. Here's what they have to say about it on their MySpace page:

"We are financing our album by selling shares of it to individual investors. In return, not only will an investor own a percentage of our album and reap the financial rewards of any success, but significantly too, they will be a part of a pioneering new spirit in a revitalised music industry.

For the first time since the inception of recorded music the pendulum of power has swung away from faceless corporations and towards the people who matter the most in the industry, the fans and artists.

This is not only something we fully intend to celebrate, but something we also intend to fully exploit.

We are offering anyone who likes our music a chance to celebrate with us by giving you the opportunity of owning a percentage of our next album."

Here's the video for their song "Chandelier." Enjoy!

On a side note, they have a song called "Veronica's Blades" and one called "Bob and Veronica Crickets."

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