16 May 2008

Don't Judge A Song By It's Cover!

May's RC meeting will be at my house on Thursday, May 29th - 7-7:30pm. Can people make it on that day? Holler back and let me know. As for the theme, looks like we're doing a "Covers" mix. We've done this in the past -- so, let's try not to have any repeats. (I can post the cover songs we included last time, if need be). Please bring a little info to share about your (2) choices! Oh, and bring a food or beverage to share! I'll probably make a big vat of Sangria - yum!

*Note: One of our visitors, xtcdukes, requests that we don't include NIN's "raping" of Joy Division's Dead Souls -- see the comment from Vern's post for more!


  1. I'll be there!! :) Darcey

  2. I'll be there!! :) Darcey

  3. I'll be there and hopefully I will also be awake. Perhaps I will finish last months cover before Thursday.... hmmm.

    Then again, probably not.

    Can't wait to see everyone!

  4. TSM, I think you're confused. RC is until next Thursday (May 29th)!